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Disclaimer: I received the ROAD iD Sidekick ID and badges  to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro ambassador and check out to review, find and write race reviews!

I've had quite a few instances of ,"whoa that car got a little too close" on my runs (sorry, Mom!) And while I am consciously aware of what side of the road I am running on, weather conditions or the remoteness of where I am running I am aware that there are a variety of things that can happen. You also hear about cases of people having an unknown condition and having something unexpected happen to them while they are out running. It's not a very pleasant subject but it's naive to believe that we are invincible to something of that nature.

I received a ROAD iD Sidekick to test out and that fit the part to give my family a little extra peace of mind to be notified right away in case something happened to me. The Sidekick slid right over my watch and had 6 lines of text available. The site makes suggestions but you can personalize it however you like. They have lots of examples on the site with some funny examples like, "If found, pause my Garmin" and others. The Sidekick comes in two sizes and an easy to follow size chart so you can select the size right for you. I don't have a Garmin watch, I use a Suunto, and even though the Sidekick specifically notes that it fits Fitbit models, Apple and Samsung watches and Garmin, the size chart allowed me to select a size that fit with my model of watch. The plate also had 3 colors to choose from: Graphite, Rose Gold and Slate.

If you are worried about the size, then you can also choose a wrist ID with a nylon or silicone band to choose from where the plate slides right onto the band. There are all different styles and a couple of different sizes of bands to choose from so really it's up to you and your creativity to personalize something for YOU. I typically don't wear a lot of jewelry so I chose the sidekick for one less thing to wear. 

Along with the faceplate there are also many badges and clasps to choose from. The badges range from medical alerts, motivational words, military identification, race distances and many other miscellaneous badges. The badges are the same size as the faceplate so if you order a Sidekick because your watch isn't exactly the size of the plate, then you will have to slide the badges onto the Sidekick to be able to wear them on your watch instead of just sliding them onto your watch. Besides badges, Sidekicks and wrist ID's, ROAD iD also has pet tags that you could slide over a collar (no jingling tags!) and a tag that attaches to your shoe.

Overall, there are a lot of positives with the ROAD iD family of products and I had a great experience with the Sidekick. The sidekick easily fit on my watch and the badges fit nicely onto the Sidekick. I didn't feel any difference on my watch and couldn't even tell that the Sidekick was added (peep the Sidekick in the picture!) Like I mentioned above, my family appreciated that they were a phone call away in case something were to happen to me while out running. If I had a specific medical condition or allergy this would be especially helpful. I loved the packaging that everything came in with all of the fun quotes and phrases. The company kept me updated on all parts of the ordering process and welcomed me right into the ROAD iD family! They even sent along a $10 code to share with someone else. The only thing I came across that I had to work around was fitting my watch band "slack" around the faceplate. I have a pretty small wrist (I wear my watch on the second to smallest setting) so I have a lot of slack leftover. Because of where the faceplate sits I have to tuck in the slack underneath the Sidekick. Not a big deal to me but might be a bother for someone else.

Go ahead and check out this company here. They have their summer collection out with lots of fun colors! You can use Code: SAVE25BRP to save you 25% on an ID!


  1. The communication that the company provided along the way (and even after) was outstanding! I love how easy the product is to use, and I love seeing if people add sayings or mantras to their IDs. Great review!

  2. Say what?! Why did I not see the "If found, pause my Garmin" suggestion? That's funny!

    1. My friend has that on her ROADiD and it makes me laugh!


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