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I don't know about you but I am not interested in paying that much money for sunglasses that I know are going to go through the wringer. Running isn't exactly clean and gentle. It's sweaty, dirty and bumpy. I also have this issue of putting my sunglasses on my seat in the car (get off my back they're easier to find), forgetting about them, and then sitting on top of them realizing I just crushed the sides only after it's too late. Although I am getting better at that I still don't want to spend a lot of money on a pair of Sunnies I might wreck.

My previous solution was to just not wear anything to cover my eyes. With the increasing presence of fine lines around my eyes and the knowledge of damaging UV rays I am well aware that this was not the right choice. That's where Knockaround comes in!

I received a pair of Knockaround Sunnies from the Sport Collection in fruit punch/aqua. The package included the glasses, a soft pouch that doubles for cleaning, their social media information and a sticker.  

One of the many features included is the polarized mirror lenses with UV 400 protection which filter the light coming through the lens leaving you with a crisp and clear image. I found this especially useful when I was on the trails. In the past I have just not worn Sunnies on the trail in order to get a clearer view of the rocks and roots I was stepping over but I gave the pair a fair go at a 2 hour trail run. Even when the trail was shaded I was able to have a clear image of my path.

A clear image is important but I also prioritize a pair of sunnies that STAY put on my face. I wear contacts and glasses but most often hate wearing my glasses because I constantly have to push them up on my face and readjust them over my eyes. The Knockaround Sport Collection have these amazing rubber grips on the nose. They are subtle and extremely effective. I did speed work, hills, planks, box jumps and more in 85 degree weather and the only time they moved from my face was when I had to remove them to wipe the sweat off my head. I found that my hat was more likely to come off of my head before the Sunnies.

Another bonus is the style and selection they have. Everything from fun vibrant colors (I have the fruit punch/aqua combo) to traditional black or grey colors. Just within the Sport Collection they have 21 different color combos listed to choose from!  If you're looking for something different they have 16 different styles to choose from!! That includes blue light filter glasses, snow goggles as well as an option to completely customize a pair from the arms, lenses, front and logo. The rubber nose pads are unique to the sport collection but with a huge variety you are bound to find something you like.

All of these features seem like you're going to pay an arm and a leg, right? Nope! The Sport Collection Sunnies are $25! All products throughout the site are extremely reasonable, and actually the company founder created the company with affordable in mind. According to Adam "Ace" Moyer (founder), "...I wanted them to be affordable, if you lost them or broke them, no big deal." Sounds like this company was made for me!

So what downfalls did I experience with Knockaround? Honestly, I can't really find anything I didn't like about the Sunnies. Afforadable, stylish, functional and effective really check all of my boxes. Some things to keep in mind - the styles seem to sell out quickly so if you find a pair, just pull the trigger and get them. Another tip - use the soft cleaning case to wipe off your Sunnies and really any glasses that you wear. As tempting as it is to wipe the lenses with your shirt you can scratch the surface and damage them.

If you're ready to try them head on over to and check out their page. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube for some great content AND if you tag #knockfan in your Sunnies you could win a pair! If  you use code: BibRaveKnocks5 you can get 20% off of your ENTIRE purchase and I even saw free shipping for a limited time. So to summarize, you can get a pair of Knockaround Sport Collection Sunnies for $20 and potentially free shipping and if you post a sweet pic in your Sunnies and tag #knockfan you could win a free pair.

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