Full Review of WhitePaws RunMitts - The Gear You Need to Try!

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When I received my pair of RunMitts to test out there just happened to be a Polar Vortex ripping through Wisconsin. I put these things through a full and comprehensive test within the first week. I'm talking negative windchill, snow, ice, snot and sweat. All of the joys of winter running. And now that the weather is back above zero degrees and spring is starting to appear, I still am using my RunMitts frequently. I can't wait to share my experience with you!

Design and Fit

The design of the RunMitt is a full mitt that goes over your fingers AND thumb. It looks like a mitten but your thumb gets sunggled up with your other fingers. The top of the mitt is a flip top so that if you need some temperature control or you need access to your FULL HAND then you can just flip the top down. Inside the mitt is a little pocket where you can put a hand warmer for some extra  heat. The pair I tested are the Double Velour Fleece in Grey and can be put in the washer and dryer! The Double Velour Fleece mitts come in 6 colors and 3 sizes. I went with a medium size; my hands are big and these fit perfectly. The mitt fit snug (not tight) which kept them in place and not sliding around my hand so if you are looking for something a little more loose then I would size up but there also is a size guide on the website.


Due to all of your fingers and thumb being together and the double fleece, these mitts are VERY warm. I tested them in multiple sub zero runs and my fingers were so warm I didn't need a hand warmer, I didn't need an extra layer and I even had to flip them mid run to cool off a little! I was shocked because normally in the extreme weather I have to layer some cheap gloves under mittens or double up on gloves. With the RunMitts you have complete warmth and easy access to temperature control or to get to your hand.

Although my first week of testing them out was very cold, it started to warm up and I still was able to wear RunMitts on my runs. My hands are typically the first thing to get hot when I run so I tend to ditch my gloves mid run and stuff them in a pocket. With RunMitts I could flip the top for temperature control and if I wanted them off then I could just slide them down to my wrists instead of having to carry them or put them in a pocket. I find this feature very useful when I have a windy route by the lake that has sections where I want a full mitt for wind protection but also want the option to flip the top or completely slide them down for when I'm not running into the wind.


The Double Velour fleece as I mentioned above was very warm. The fabric was also soft and provided full protection against the wind. Fleece is pretty easy to take care of so I could just throw the mitts into the washer and dryer with no problems. Although I find fleece fabric to be uncomfortable if I start to sweat, the flip top temperature control made it really easy to keep my hands dry on the inside of the mitt. I tested these while it was snowing and the insides stayed completely dry. I also had condensation build up on the outside in some of the sub zero runs and even with the moisture on the outside my hands stayed dry. I didn't specifically pick-up snow or run with these in the rain but I would imagine that if they were exposed to a lot of direct wetness they would start to get wet on the inside. There is a model that are specifically wind and water resistant that would probably be better if you live in a rainy climate.



My primary use of my RunMitts was of course running but the functionality of the mitt made it the first thing I grabbed to keep my hands warm going to the grocery store or even just to school in the morning. My hands are cold but I still need to access my key card or hold onto my coffee (priorities, right?) and my hands are usually full walking into the building so RunMitts made it possible to have access to my hands yet still keep them warm. 

RunMitts are my go-to for cold days AND windy days. I usually run by a lake so that wind can be really harsh so having something for that is really important. As we go into Spring I will wear things on my hands less but there is one use that I am specifically designating these for - track season. When I coach meets (whenever they happen again) I am outside for 3-4 hours in some pretty cold weather. Wisconsin Spring isn't much fun to be outside in for long periods of time. I always need access to my hands - taking splits, writing splits, getting something out of my backpack, checking my phone, etc. It is always cold and gloves are a huge pain and usually get lost in a backpack or in the process of setting them down somewhere. I'm envisioning RunMitts being a major solution to this problem. I would imagine for parents going to sporting activities such as soccer, track or hockey where this would be a solution for them as well! 

Overall, my experience testing out WhitePaws RunMitts was so great that I have added these to my winter gear rotation. I didn't realize how much easier it was to do something simple like tie a shoe or change the station on my playlist until I had easy access to my entire hand. When I make quick errand run out in the cold I usually suck it up and stuff my hands in my sleeves and deal with it. Now, I grab RunMitts out the door and just flip the top or roll them down when I need to. I use these ALL THE TIME. 

You can grab a pair of any 2020 model (check them out here) and use code: BIBRAVE5 to receive $5 off your purchase. This code will be available until 3/31/21 so don't wait!


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