Science In Sport (SiS) REGO Rapid Recovery Review

Disclaimer: I received the Science in Sport REGO Rapid Recovery in chocolate and strawberry to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro ambassador, and check out to review, find, and write race reviews! 

I have been searching high and low for sources of protein. I wrote a blog a while back on May 4th on my own research about proper fueling, fasting and fad diets. What are those things actually doing to our bodies and how men and women respond differently. Check it out here for more information! To sum it up, we have a recovery window in which we need to consume about 20 grams of protein (for men) and 30-40 grams of protein (for women). Trying to get 30-40 grams of protein takes a ton of effort and since that research I did for that blog (posted of May 4th) I have been trying out different things to meet that 30 gram mark. Getting 30-40 grams of protein right after a workout requires a conscious effort - there are not many things that have that much protein so you usually need a variety. I can finally say I think I found something that I can add to my arsenal - the Science in Sport REGO Recovery Product has been a game changer.

Protein powders tend to be the biggest bang for your buck when getting in protein, but I run into many issues with them. If you're like me you have a graveyard of assorted nutritional products that didn't work out but you paid money for and now you just let it go to that one cupboard you don't use until 4 years later you throw it out.  I've tried different brands, different flavors, whey protein and even pea protein. I run into issues with the flavor - way to heavy on the artificial flavor or sweeteners. I also run into issues with the texture - clumps are a hard no. I've tried everything to bury the flavor from smoothies, to oatmeal and even in my coffee. Most things end up as a causality and the one thing that works (blending it into a smoothie) is not something I'm willing to do every day. The REGO Rapid Recovery met all of my needs.

A little more about the REGO Recovery product before I go into my review. Per the Science in Sport website (check it out here) the product contains 23 grams of carbohydrates, 20 grams of protein and a blend of vitamins and minerals. The carbs are to immediately replenish lost glycogen as your body uses up your storage during exercise. The protein goes to work repairing muscles. REGO Recovery also contains an important amino acid called Leucine which promotes muscle repair and uses a soy protein. All of this is packed into a 50 gram serving. REGO Recovery is Informed Sport Registered and is vegetarian as well as free of gluten, wheat, dairy and nuts.

Let's start the review with convenience because most people are constantly busy and on-the-go. Convenience is a huge factor for me because I run 6 days a week. Like I said before I am just not up to messing with and washing the blender every day. The REGO Recovery product gets mixed in with water, not milk, for fast absorption. You want your body to uptake all the good stuff as fast as possible so that it can get to work repairing your muscles and water is the best vehicle to carry that. If I'm in the car then all I need to do is make sure I have 500 mL of water with me and the REGO Recovery product and I can mix it all together post workout. The REGO Recovery has an option to come in single serving packets so if you don't feel like portioning the powder out beforehand then you can just grab a packet and go.

Next up is the texture. Have you ever had a disastrous outcome mixing protein in water? I know I have. The REGO Recovery blends right into the water using only a blender bottle. Mine came along with this little grate which worked very well to break up any clumps. I had no clumps slip through - it all dissolved! I also tried it out using a blender bottle with a shaker ball and that had the same outcome - no clumps. No matter which bottle I used the product turned out blended and smooth. The one thing I would recommend would be to add the product to the water instead of adding the water to the product. I found that when you added the protein to the bottle and then the water on top, it took longer to shake up and some of the product would sit on the bottom until I vigorously shook the bottle to get it off the bottom.

I'm sure you are also wondering about taste because that seems to be a very common issue with people. I tested out the strawberry and chocolate flavors and both were satisfying. Neither was overly artificial or overpowering, just a nice balance of flavor. I found myself gravitating to the chocolate over the strawberry flavor but I do that with other nutritional products such as gels but I still used up all of the strawberry product instead of adding it to the graveyard.

Lastly, the REGO Recovery comes in a variety of flavors and sizes. If you don't want to try out a huge tub of powder they have smaller tubs (about 17 ounces) and individual packets to try out. The packets do come in a pack of 18 so if you're looking to try it out without a major commitment then the tub might be the better way to go. The price is right in line with competitor brands. As a bonus Science in Sport is having some really great deals right now so be sure to head over to the website and check it out. 

Overall I was extremely impressed with this product. I used up my product that was sent to review and liked it so much I went and purchased the product to add to my training. I plan on upping my volume in the near future and really need to dial in on nutrition to keep my body fueled and healthy. This product really worked for me and I am hoping is the answer to my protein woes. Head on over to the Science in Sport website and check it out for yourself!



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